School-Age Ophthalmology consultation

Statistics indicate that about 25% of school-age children suffer from vision problems.

In this age group, as well as pre-school age, the eye examination is extremely important because early identification of disabilities is crucial in the best possible response to treatment because the entire visual system is still developing.

In most cases, the Pediatrician, even without symptoms or risk factors for ocular disease observed regularly with the parent visual behavior of the child from his birth. When this doctor, during the development examinations, suspected of any eye problem then he must immediately send it to a Ophthalmologist doctor.

Either way, the guidelines suggest the eye observation in the medical specialty in all children age 3 and again about the 5-6 years of age. For children of school-age recommendations are an eye exam every 2 years if there is no need to correction. All children who need glasses, or which have been detected any disease should be observed annually, or at intervals recommended by is Ophthalmologist.

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