Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a physical therapy massage technique that uses gentle movement and painless used in the treatment of pathologies System Lymphatic. 

The Lymphatic System and Its Functions 
The Lymphatic System is a complex network of organs that produce and transport lymph from tissues to the System Circulatory. The Lymphatic System is also an important component of the Immune System It cooperates with the white blood cells in protection against bacteria and viruses harmful to the human body. 

In general, the lymphatic system has three major functions:(1) removal of excess fluid from body tissues, (2) uptake and transport of fatty fatty fat to the circulatory system, and (3) production of immune cells. 

The lymphatic vessels are responsible for drainage  excess liquid coming out of blood and involves cells. This excess fluid that circulates in the vessels lymph and blood is returned to is called lymph. 

The lymphatic circulation is responsible for the absorption toxins and macromolecules that cells produced during their 'work' (metabolism), or can not be captured by the bloodstream. The Lymphatic System joint lymph by diffusion through capillaries and lymph forwards it to the Circulatory System. 

Lymph travels through the lymphatic system due to contraction exerted by the muscles, the pulsation of nearby arteries and movement of the extremities (feet and legs). By walk, your leg muscles squeeze the blood vessels nodes, moving the lymph. Other movements body such as breathing, intestinal activity and external compression (massage) also move the lymph. 

Common Pathologies 
Lymphoedema (swelling) causes abnormal swelling, especially limbs, although it can occur on the face, neck and abdomen. Occurs if the lymphatic system is compromised or underdeveloped for some reason (pregnancy, post-surgery, venous malfunction, etc.). leading to a imbalance between the level of filtration and reabsorption substances from blood capillaries. 

If a vessel suffers an obstruction, fluid accumulates in affected area. These swellings may contain micro-organisms that by going through the filters of the lymph nodes are eliminated. Therefore, during certain infections can be pain and swelling in the lymph nodes in the neck, armpit or groin. The lymph has a tendency to accumulate in ends when one stays for long periods 
property causing swelling and pain. 

Another condition related to the Lymphatic System is the cellulitis (lipodystrophy). Cellulitis is an inflammation of the subcutaneous tissue that is characterized by appearance of dimpling of the skin. This inflammation has 4 stages of development. The first is marked by a progressive reduction of venous-lymphatic circulation that creates an interstitial edema and the second by the formation of adipocytes blocked cells and loss of elasticity skin; the third phase set in at that micronodules feel the surface of the skin, the last step, and in cases 
serious, installs a permanent scarring limits the movement of the affected area causing many 
sometimes pain.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage 
The technique of manual lymphatic drainage provides,  through massage, circular areas where healthy before there were any obstructions or inflammation. 

There are two movements that typify this technique, the evacuation or disposal of the distance of the vessels nodes, and the uptake, absorption or penetration of lymph in the lymphatic vessels in the in the affected area. 

Lymphatic drainage should be performed by technical  health expert lymphology (Physiotherapist). 

Therapeutic Indications Pregnancy
- Post-Surgery Breast Cancer 
- Post-surgery for varicose veins 
- Post cosmetic surgery 
- Post-traumatic edema (fractures and sprains) 
- Cellulite 

Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage 
The clogged and stagnant fluids originate health problems, edema, cellulitis, infection and deficits in the immune system. This technique achieves improvements metabolic, endocrine and circulatory around the body. Unlike drug treatments, drainage, reflected a strong risk reduction, ie has practically no side effects. 

This massage therapy, applied on a regular basis, 
contributes to the general welfare of the person activating the circulation, relieving pain and fatigue of the extremities, eliminating toxins and, consequently, edema, and nourishing the tissues. 

In Lifeclinic®, this massage lasts for 45 ' minutes and is sold individually and in packages sessions.

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